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Stars Awards Close Nomination And unveil Nominees Benefits

(Message to the General public)

This kind of award will change the way people see the world forever and this year’s maiden edition of STARS AWARDS will be the most positive and inspiring event we should witness . We are not saying that other awards schemes are not of standard, because, they have built, promoted and pushed a lot of talents. The generosity and willingness of Indigenous people to share their talents through their culture will make the whole event a truly amazing experience. Without doubt, STARS AWARDS will be one of the most exclusive and humbling experiences you’ll ever have. Regions and communities across the territories, sharing a common camp with those of us from much further afiled in unity. Not off a common language, but great warmth and welcome. Stars awards is what we assume should be – movie, art, music, dance and the sharing of stories and our rich culture.The reason behind “Stars Awards” is to create ‘a home for the youth to be empowered on their creativity’, and that’s exactly what we want for the event, a happy place for people to come and connect to promote themselves. STARS AWARDS ….. An absolute experience of a lifetime. A rare insight into a part of the country and Indigenous arts and culture that so a few of us would otherwise ever get to experience first-hand. We assure the public that it will be free and fair voting and letting the fans and families crown their own and help them build their future. So as we await nominations to be opened we encourage the general public to fasten their sit belts to make and crown our people.

*NB* All nominees should note that the percentage of the total votes cast in their nominated categories, 35% will be awarded to the winner of each category

”Florence Abuya Blewushie, PRO of ACE SHOWBIZ.

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